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Juvederm, in several different forms, is injectable gel that is the answer to smooth wrinkles around your mouth & nose.Belle Vie is an amazing spa facility in Lexington, Kentucky, focusing on partnering with our clients as we offer a wide range of anti-aging products and treatments. Belle Vie is your resource for the best guidance and approach to retaining your youthful look.  With three locations in Lexington, Hamburg, Beaumont and Belle Vie on Main, we are convenient to your home and work.  And, with three facilities available to our clients, scheduling is never a problem.

Healthy young skin contains a natural hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). In addition to hydration, it helps to keep skin looking plump. However, with aging, sun exposure and other elements can reduce the volume of HA you have in your skin, particularly around your nose and mouth, creating a look you may want to resist.

As you look at the many products and treatments available today, a consultation at Belle Vie will help you to understand that JUVEDERM®, a smooth hyaluronic acid filler, is the ideal solution to smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With JUVEDERM®being one of our most popular treatments, JUVEDERM®, an FDA-approved filler product, is an injectable gel that will restore the HA in your skin to its earlier volume, providing great results that you will love.

JUVEDERM® is available in several different forms:  JUVEDERM® Ultra, JUVEDERM® Ultra Plus, JUVEDERM® Volbella, JUVEDERM® Vollure and JUVEDERM® Voluma XC, an injectable gel for the cheek area. Voluma adds cheek and helps restore a more youthful profile for up to 2 years. Our experts at Belle Vie will help you to determine which form of JUVEDERM®  is best for you. To reduce discomfort during JUVEDERM® procedures, this gel contains lidocaine, an analgesic.  Any discomfort is minimal and there is no down-time, making your JUVEDERM® experience pleasant and productive.

Belle Vie clients are thrilled with the ease of treatment with JUVEDERM®. Just a single treatment provides long-lasting results, for up to a year, before it is naturally reabsorbed by your body. You will be thrilled with your results as you say goodbye to your telltale smile lines and the vertical lines extending from your lips. Clients at Belle Vie are delighted with a younger, refreshed look as the natural contours to their face are restored. Clients at Belle Vie, thrilled with their long-lasting results, often return for repeated  JUVEDERM® treatment from time to time to maintain their youthful look.

When you come to Belle Vie for JUVEDERM®, you will soon recognize that you have made the right decision. You will be treated by our well-trained, experienced staff who have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and training in the use of JUVEDERM® and other injectables. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our professional staff of RNs, APRNs and Aestheticians with specialized training in skin care. Our clients love the use of  JUVEDERM®  as it provides excellent results without resorting to the onus of surgical options.

You will love the time you spend at any of BelleVie’s locations. Give us a call today at any of our locations: Hamburg @ 859.SKIN (7546), Beaumont @ 859.259.0101 or Belle Vie on Main @ 859.286.2300.  Come in and learn about us, tour our facilities and meet our gracious staff. You will quickly recognize that Belle Vie is serious about working with you to create a better you, offering an incredible range of services and products that have been carefully selected for their great results. We have taken great care over time to develop an array of offerings that will please our clients and create relationships of trust and satisfaction, employing the best professionals available to consistently ensure high quality results. Visit us in Hamburg, Beaumont and at Belle Vie on Main.